Freeze Dried Dried Cubes or Cookies


Beef: Beef Liver     Chicken: Chicken Liver     Goose: Goose (70%), Chicken (25%), Butter (5%)

Salmon: Salmon (40%), Frozen Chicken (25%), Tuna (15%), Frozen Chicken Liver (10%), Egg Yolk (5%), Salmon Oil, Brewer’s Yeast Powder, Chicory Root Powder, Cranberry

For pets with more sensitive mouths and teeth, these  Freeze Dried Bits are sure to get your dog’s taste buds going! These are a softer chew, by cubing and freeze-drying them in small bite-sized portions.

Sizes:  Kg or 140g Bag (Beef)

These great treats are made by

Hunan Peto Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  a BRC certified company


Freeze Dried Dried Cubes or Cookies