SQF Level 3 Facility and Product

- because knowing how your pet treats are produced is important.

What is it? and What does that mean to YOU?

Global Food Safe Initiative -SQF Level 3 certification means your product is made to exacting World Wide Global standards and scrutiny for safety and quality.

Surprisingly in Canada, there are currently no regulations for pet food/treat manufacturers.

This means that there is nothing to ensure what you feed your pet is the healthy or safe treat they deserve. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is the only regulatory body in Canada and

The CFIA does not regulate pet food that is manufactured in Canada, and sold domestically. Individual Canadian pet food manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of their products.


We’ve learned from past experiences that we should be wary of products coming from other countries, especially since we get notice of recalls from the FDA almost routinely.

Did you read the label?

Package labeling for pet treats and food for pets other than dogs and cats are not regulated in Canada. Go to this government website http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/01229.html , do a search on "Pet Treats" and be astonished.

GFSI certification gives you piece of mind knowing there is a third-party auditing of our facility, manufacturing processes and ingredients for our products, ensuring all products made at Village Fare are healthy and safe for your pet and the label is accurate on each bag.

GFSI is a worldwide, recognized standard for preparing the food we eat. It was adopted by Canada
because of the growing demand for accountability from the food industries to the consumer.

GFSI certification is completely voluntary. But because of the growing demand for accountability for
long-term commitments to producing safe food, Village Fare recognizes the need for the
commitment to the GFSI.

Our customers can rest assured knowing that, by feeding their family pet Village Fare Products, they are rewarding them with the best they can.

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